The Ultimate Candle Making Course

Would you like to deep dive and learn the science of candle making and creating your own designs? Maybe you're looking to earn a side income or simply learn a new hobby. With this course we will guide you through the fundamentals of candle making so that you can let your imagination soar. You will gain life-time access to the resources and will be able to join our group of enthusiastic candle makers.

Meet Vanessa! The Candle Maker Spreading Light and Joy

Hi, my name is Vanessa Lopes, and I am the founder of La Lumiere India. I have been making candles and running my own online candle store for the past 3 years. I have been lucky enough to have gained many satisfied customers, and my products have been featured on Vogue India, Harpers Bazar, and IDiva. In this course I will be sharing everything that I have learned over the past three years so that you can skip through the trial and error phase and quickly hone in your creative skills.

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What You Will Learn


  • Introduction
  • Common Candle Making Terms
  • Candle Recipe Guide

Getting Started

  • What you are going to learn in this course
  • Introduction to getting started
  • Preparing a safe workspace
  • Equipment
  • Brief introduction to wax
  • Detailed information about waxes
  • How to choose which wax to use
  • Detailed notes -Temperatures for heating and pouring wax
  • Overview of wicks
  • Detailed notes on wicks
  • Types of colours
  • Detailed notes - Adding Fragrance to your candles
  • How to get a stronger scent throw
  • Using Essential oils and Fragrance oils
  • Detailed notes on Fragrance oils and Essential oils
  • Types of Molds
  • Detailed notes - Finding Suppliers
  • Detailed notes - Clearing up your workspace

How to make a Pillar candle

  • How to make a basic pillar candle
  • How to make a tri-coloured candle
  • How to make a terrazzo pillar candle

How to make a Container Candle

  • How to make a basic container candle
  • How to make a layered container candle
  • How to make a tilted container candle

How to make a Design Candle

  • How to make a Bubble Candle
  • How to make a Flower Pillar Candle
  • How to make a Flower Garden Container Candle

How to make Dessert Candles

  • How to make Mooti Choor Laddo Candle
  • How to make Mini Cake Candle
  • How to make Ice Cream Cone Candle
  • How to make container fruit Bowl Candle

How to make Specialty Candles

  • How to make a Basic Gel Candle
  • Detailed notes - Adding fragrance in gel wax
  • How to make Espresso Gel Candle
  • How to make Champaign Dry Flower Gel Candle with Tea-light holder

How to decorate your candles

  • How to enhance the look of your candle with decorations

Trouble Shooting

  • Detailed Notes - How to fix common candle mistakes

Business Module

If you choose to opt in for the business module you will learn the ins and outs of starting and scaling your business so that you can earn and extra income or simply turn it into your full-time income

What you will Learn

  • Introduction to starting a Business
  • Business Development Guide
  • BONUS - Done for you 48 must answer Market Research Questions
  • BONUS - Done for you 15 questions to identify your ideal customer
  • In depth information about GST
  • Trademark and registration of your Business
  • How to market your business
  • Understanding social media and leveraging Instagram
  • How to grow your audience and create loyal customers
  • How to retain viewers attention
  • BONUS - Social Media Content Planning Template
  • BONUS - 80 Editable Instagram Posts & stories
  • Using Shopify to setup your website
  • Introduction to Shopify
  • Must have Shopify apps